Accu handgereedschap 48V PowerPack – SGT 48 AE – Trimmer

 119,00 incl. BTW

The professionality and easy-to-use features of a grass-cutting tool are embedded into the new 48V battery-powered tool SGT 48 AE. This noiseless tool is ideal for cutting the grass in every corner of your garden, and it gives the garden expert a fully adaptable experience, allowing users of every height to have a fast and good result. The cutting width of 25-30 cm combined with the strimming wheel allow a perfect cut even on lawn borders. Comfortness and reliability are ensured with an adjustable handle which allows a full comfort during gardening tasks, and with a split shaft that reduces the space for its storage. A 4.0 Ah battery is already included in the product, lasting up to 20 minutes working time. Charger is included in the package but is also sold separately.



Krachtbron Lithium-Ion accu
Type motor Met koolborstels
Vermogen motor 250 Watt
Aanbevolen batterijvermogen 2.5 Ah
Maximale snelheid 8500 tpm
Maaibreedte 25-30 cm
Snijhoek 90° verstelbaar + kantenmaaier
Type nylonspoel Automatisch
Diameter nylondraad 1,6 mm
Type as Recht, deelbaar
Diameter buis 25,4 mm
Type handgreep Ronde beugel – Verstelbaar
Handvat met soft grip Ja
Harnas Geen
Batterij inbegrepen Nee
Oplader batterij inbegrepen Nee
Nettogewicht 3,1 kg
Brutogewicht 3,7 kg
Afmetingen verpakking (LxBxH) 310 X 820 X 170 mm
Anti-vibratiesysteem (AVS)
Trillingsniveau (handvat links/rechts) 3,8 / 4,0 m/s²
Geluidsniveau (LWA) 96 dB(A)
SAP Code 271300008/S17
EAN code 8008984792869
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